Thursday, November 4, 2010


When you hunger for me, even the most bitter tastes in your mouth will turn sweet. When you love and hunger for me, you gain a deeper knowledge of the sacrifice I made for you on the cross; you envision more clearly, moment by moment, the importance of your utter abandonment to Me. Do you see how beautiful you are to Me? Can you grasp that your new life is real, lasting, and the genuine essence of God Almighty within you? I know you. I know you when you sit down and when you stand up. I can hear you when you speak. I understand your thoughts. I am acquainted with your ways. There are your ways, and there are My ways. There are your thoughts, and there are My thoughts. There is My Word,  and there are your words. Give it all to me.  I am everything to you. I hold and maintain what concerns you. I am at your right hand. Dont be moved by the interferences and intrusions around you. Let your heart thirst and hunger for Me, because only my presence can saturate and fill you with joy and pleasure to thrive forever. Be consumed by My love and always ask for more.

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