Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Meditation is the activity of calling to mind, contemplating thinking over, dwelling on, and applying to
oneself, the various concepts that one knows about the promises , purposes, and ways of God.
Christian Meditation is a form of silent prayer, the prayer of the heart. While bodies know  the
bondage of grocery store lines and traffic-jammed cars, our minds and hearts are free, free to
enjoy the presence of God. And, because of grace, God's amazing, unlimited grace, our minds and
hearts-uninhibited-to the creator of the heavens. While some see prayers as simply a religious exer-
cise, you and I can know that prayer  is the very breath and heartbeat of our lives. Prayer is a friend
sharing his heart with his friend and growing in love and faith.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Its Time to Update.

Sorry Friends that I have not updated for over a Month.
Anyways where should I start.  Life has been busy,  I so glad the gardening
season is over cause it takes alot of time and I dont enjoy it the best :)
The last wkend. in Aug.  Mom and I went to a huge flea market with Moms
Scentsy buisness, we were there for 2 days and we slept in the vehicle so that
was quite challenging.   Over Labor day wkend. we went to a truck pull sat.
evening, then that evening my adopted sisters and their family came up and
spent the night the Sun. we all went to wilderness fellowship for church and
my sis. were gonna go home sun. evening but since Mon. was a holiday they
decided to stay another night, then we went to a parade mon. but anyways
ur prolly all getting bored reading this. But that was like the best labor day wkend.         
I had.  The next wkend. Mom and I went to a Purity Conference in Minneapolis MN.
The speaker was Amy Vest the meetings were really really good and challenging.
This week has been with cleaning, baking and getting ready for the tent meetings next wkend.
                                      We all went to wendys after the last session.
                               The people that we traveled with and stayed at for the night.
                                                     All my peoples.
Well I hope this wasnt to boring. Ya'll have a great wkend.